Workplace Wellness: Standing Desks

The risks associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time are dangerous, to say the least. One such risk is developing high fasting glucose levels, which are a factor related to metabolic syndrome. Other studies show that sitting for long periods of time leads to higher levels of C-reactive protein, which is a biomarker. This is a result of inflammation and is tied to potentially increasing the risks of cancer development.

The science of ergonomics has achieved a milestone with standing desks because of how they promote a healthy lifestyle within the workplace. Studies show that using standing desks in environments such as call centers increases productivity, but the same doesn’t apply to those who carry out tasks that require fine motor skills. The use of standing desks is usually associated with fatigue, but this can be reduced through a shift in position or sitting from time to time. Despite the immense benefit of increasing movement at work, the use of standing desks should be properly monitored since incorrect body position like knee hyperextension can cause the toes to feel numb.

The kind of shoes that one wears has an impact on how beneficial standing desks can really be. The benefit stems from the proper alignment of the body and it’s impossible to achieve while wearing high-heeled shoes, which badly affect the spine. There are also other considerations to keep in mind, such as where hands should be located while working on a standing desk.

To answer that question, the hands should be at or below the elbow level and wrists should be kept straight so as to prevent injury. Despite the fact that they have the potential of increasing movement at work, there’s the chance that workers will make up for all that standing by sitting for prolonged periods at home, which is far from the requirement of being active throughout the day. Now that you’re prepared on the impact of standing desks on one’s wellbeing, you are ready to take a quiz to test your knowledge.

You can learn more about wellness at the workplace through standing desks by visiting the HealthIQ website.