What Are the Advantages of Booking a Professional Event Photographer

So what are the real advantages of booking a professional event photographer? It comes in many aspects such as a professional will carry all the appropriate insurances – we don’t want anything to go wrong but if it does this should give you peace of mind.

Another aspect is having the correct professional equipment. Here is one example, I am often asked why indoor equestrian photographs are all grainy and why the images from many other equestrian photographers do not appear to be very sharp when taken indoors?

The real answer is that it would not have been possible to take the pictures with a film camera that we now take with Professional Digital Cameras, but not all cameras are created equal.

Most indoor equestrian centres have such low levels of light that the camera has to amplify (magnify) the light very many times to make the photograph and most cameras just do not do this amplification well or they cannot work is such low light to give us the settings we require. A photographer might tell you they have spent 1,000GBP on their camera, but this does not mean that they will handle this low light well because the cameras used by your professional equestrian photographer will probably have cost a lot more.

It is difficult to know which cameras perform well in these conditions, unless you spend time testing them so the only thing you as a customer can do is to look at images taken in the conditions where your competition will be held. The worst case scenario is a poorly lit venue in the middle of winter – ask to see images taken under the most trying conditions.

Now let us look at another vital aspect of the service provided by a professional event photographer which is the actual prints. There are many types of printers on the market and the quality of image now available from a home printer is great but an ink jet print will fade unless special combinations of ink and paper are used. Ink jets also suffer from problems where moisture is present – what is needed is a dry process print.