About Me

My Name is Colleen….
I am a wife and mother to six children. Four boys (ages 27,25,22 and 20) born to me and two little girls(ages 8 & 5) born in my heart. I have been a stay at home mom for 27 years. I am a California Girl transplanted in to the midwest 11 years ago.

What do I love….Peanut butter on anything, cruises, playing rock band with my kids, peace signs, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha latte’s, fresh flowers, the smell of the ocean, Christmas morning, Disney world and the sound of my children laughing.

I was lucky enough to have very creative role models in my life. My grandfather had a small photography business and my grandmother was a music teacher and artist. I grew up being encouraged to get my hands dirty with paint, create my own recipes with Grandma’s help, learned to play the piano by ear and embrace my creativity that Grandma reminded me often was unique because it belonged to me. Back in 2005 my youngest son and I traveled to China to bring our youngest daughter home. My husband bought me my first DSLR to bring with me on our magnificent journey. I was instantly hooked on digital photography and wanted to learn more and more. Once home with our daughter I was so disappointed in the quality of photography I was paying for that I started taking photography workshops both in class and online. My goal was to photograph only my family. My business has grown from family to a few neighbors. I started developing my own line of textures and overlays in late 2009. My goal was to create a set of textures that were both beautiful and affordable. My first set sold so well that I started creating a second set…and so on. I recently started teaching private online photo shop classes. I consider myself to be a natural light photographer but the title I am most proud of is “Mom”.